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#RAEDUNN ammiright? So basically organized with glass container pantries are legit my favorite thing on Pinterest right now. I can spend hours looking at inspiration for my OCD needs.

YOU GUYS! I decided our countertop needed a little spice up... so I went to TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Marshalls for these glass jars - all under 8 bucks each! I got two X- LARGE jars for 7.99 ea and to Large jars for 5.00 ea - both of the two below (xL) had a stainless lid and well I spray painted them...

I put my Cricut on Vinyl setting and started designing... I do have a little obsession with Rae Dunn - but I never buy any of her stuff... not because I don't like it or can't afford it but because I am not a person of clutter - if I start I won't be able to stop! LOL

I found the font at dafont called "the SKINNY"... how fitting...

I went ahead and just kept them the same size - boom HIS and HER Protein Jars... way way way better than the ugly Black containers which are HUGE!

I was soooo obsessed how these came out that I grabbed some smaller jars that came in packs of 3 for 4.99 - they had two boxes left and I grabbed them both. These I decided that the vitamins and supplements that my husband likes to leave out needed some beautifying. #Jymarmy knows how incredibly annoying this is. So I did the exact same thing and created the labels for each pill we use the most *had to pick 6 until I can find more jars to match.

the finished product is being stored inside the cabinet since they're not tinted

I think, personally these came out amazing! I look at them everyday and I love them. I will def be considering more glass jars with the labels on them soon... maybe hand soap dish soap????

- Megan

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